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Cutting edge chronic disease management is a simple way of explaining the most powerful use of Functional Medicine principles and practices.

Functional Medicine is a science-based practice that emphasizes the interconnections of physical and biochemical processes in the body, and how they interact with the environment to create disease or health.

The Institute for Functional Medicine defines Functional Medicine as "personalized medicine that deals with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of symptoms for serious chronic disease."

The more we learn about chronic disease, such as heart disease, type II diabetes, pre-diabetes (known as insulin resistance) the more we discover that our own choices (the food we eat, the exercise we choose, the supplements we take) can have a positive or negative impact on the development or management of these diseases.

Listen to Medical Director Bethany Hays' description of Functional Medicine by clicking on the play arrow below.

Bethany M. Hays, MD

True North's Medical Director describes Functional Medicine (1:03)
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Rather than taking the symptoms that a patient presents, giving them a name and then assigning the appropriate drug or surgery, a Functional Medicine approach questions the causes of the symptoms by trying to find their triggers. If we can understand how a person’s unique complement of genetic material interacts with his or her environment, we can change how the genes are being expressed by changing the environment.

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