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June 2015: Giving & Receiving!
Sacred Reciprocity

May 2015: Spring is in full force!
Meet our affiliates!

April 2015: Spring Has Spring!
Meet our onsite practitioners!

December 2014: Happy Holidays!
Shamamabear's 10 Tips to Beat the Holiday Blues!

November 2014: Celebrating Transformation
Annual Appeal & 50K Matching Funds Challenge

October 2014: Fall is in the air!
Pointing The Way Recap

September 2014: Pointing the Way Silent Auction!
Pointing The Way

August 2014: Pointing the Way Silent Auction!
Pointing The Way

July 2014: Fresh Faces!
Looking for a new practitioner?

June 2014: Summer is here!
Annette Caswell, MS, FNP is having a baby!

May 2014: Lyme Disease Awareness Month
The Cost of Chronic Lyme

April 2014: Happy Easter!!
Welcome!! - Kevin L. Wallace, MD

March 2014: Happy Spring!!
Ticked Off! Avoiding and Treating Lyme Disease and Co-infections

February 2014: Happy Valentine's Day!
Ticked Off! Avoiding and Treating Lyme Disease and Co-infections

January 2014: Happy New Year!
Create a Compelling Vision for 2014 by Deb Bergeron

2013 Pathfinder Newsletters

December 2013: Happy Holidays!
Eating Healthy by Dr. Sunny Raleigh, DO

November 2013: Happy Fall!
The Helium Hand: Falling Back Without Falling Down by Deb Bergeron, PCC, CPCC

October 2013: Pointing the Way & Breast Cancer Awareness
Save the Date! Pointing The Way: October 19, 2013

September 2013: Farewell Summer, Hello Fall!
Be Your Note by Patricia Mulholland MA, MT-BC, NMT

August 2013: Summertime!
Bethany Hays is Traveling! Teaching Functional Medicine Courses Across the Nation

July 2013: Summer's Arrival...
Daily Tick Checks Reduce Your Risk of Contracting Lyme Disease by Dr. Mary Sunshine Raleigh, DO

June 2013: Flexibility of Body and Mind
Fitness Tips by Joseph deSilva of Natural Fitness Cont.

May 2013: Flexibility of Body and Mind
Fitness Tips by Joseph deSilva of Natural Fitness

April 2013: Forward Motion
Announcing our 2nd Annual Wellness Walk!

February 2013: Keep Thriving
"Words of Welcome" from Annette Caswell, MS, FNP - Winters in Maine: Don't Just Survive...Thrive!

January 2013: New Beginnings, New Growth
"Words of Welcome" from Dr. Bethany Hays ~ A 3 part video series about The Truth About "Normal Birth"

December 2012: Beat Stress, Bring Cheer
"Words of Welcome" from Sunny Raleigh, DO - Tips for Taking the Stress out of The Holidays

November 2012: More Thanks, Less Stress
"Words of Welcome" from Laura Meyer, L.Ac. - 10 Steps to Cold & Flu Prevention and Care

October 2012: October Treats
(Pathfinder Supplement)

September/October 2012: Healing & Growth: Choose Your Direction
"Words of Welcome" from Dr. Bethany Hays, MD ~ A video on Navigating your Course Through Healing

June/July 2012: Stepping Into Action
"Words of Welcome" from Sandra Sneiderman, R-DMT, LCPC-C

April/May 2012: Empowerment and Support
"Words of Welcome" from Joe Semmes, MD

March 2012: Awakening to Spring
"Words of Welcome" from Coleen Connolly, RN, MAc

January/February 2012: 10 Year Anniversary Issue
"Words of Welcome" from Mary Rafter, MSN, FNP

2011 Pathfinder Newsletters

December 2011: A Time of Cheer and Giving
Tips for a Joyous Holiday Season & Healthy New Year
(Calming the Overwhelm - Dec 2010 flashback)

October/November 2011: Giving Thanks
"Words of Welcome" from Deborah Bergeron, CPCC, ACC

September 2011: Autumn Harvest & Honoring
"Words of Welcome" from Susan Fekety, RN, MSN, CNM

July/August 2011: Art of Healing
"Words of Welcome" from Sorcha Cribben-Merrill, Marketing and Communications Manager

June 2011: Heating Up
"Words of Welcome" from Peter Knight, ND

April/May 2011: Spring Growth
"Words of Welcome" from Catherine Galida, DO

Quarter One 2011: Celebrating Our 10th Year!
"Words of Welcome" from Alice Guidi, LCSW, Affiliate Practitioner.


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2010 Pathfinder Newsletters

December 2010: Calm the Overwhelm
"Words of Welcome" from Deborah Bergeron, CPCC, ACC, Affiliate Practitioner

November 2010: On Gratitude
"Words of Welcome" from Evelyn C. Rysdyk, Author and Shamanic Practitioner

October 2010: Staying Connected
"Words of Welcome" from Renie Allen, LMT, Myofascial Release Practitioner and Affiliate Practitioner

September 2010: Finding Focus: food, toxins and our children
"Words of Welcome" from Peter Knight, ND

August 2010: Nurturing and Parenting (Ourselves)
"Words of Welcome" from Magili Chapman Quinn, DO

July 2010: 12 tips for self-care: Slow down, fill up!
"Words of Welcome" from Cynthia Atkinson, CEMP/S/I, CHTP

June 2010: Summertime, Familytime!
"Words of Welcome from Kathryn Landon-Malone, MSN, PhD(c), CPNP, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

May 2010: Motivation: what drives you?
"Words of Welcome" from Joseph de Silva, BS, FAFS, FMR, Personal Fitness Trainer and True North Affiliate

April 2010: Spring Renewal
"Words of Welcome" from Coleen Connolly, RN, MAc, Licensed Acupuncturist

March 2010: Luck and Coincidence
"Words of Welcome" from Melissa Williamson, LMT, Licensed Massage Therapist

February 2010: From the Heart, For the Heart

January 2010: New Beginnings

2009 Pathfinder Newsletter Archives
Beginning in 2009, we shifted to an electronic-only format to decrease costs and also decrease our carbon footprint.

December 2009 June 2009
November 2009 May 2009
October 2009 April 2009
September 2009 March 2009
August 2009 February 2009
July 2009 January 2009

2008 Pathfinder Newsletter Archives

November/December 2008 Pathfinder (PDF) (575KB)

September/October 2008 Pathfinder (PDF) (297KB)
"The Fall Fling Issue"

July/August 2008 Pathfinder (PDF) (687KB)
"The Heat, Healing and Happy Days Issue"

May/June 2008 Pathfinder (PDF) (743KB)
"The Sail Into Spring Issue"

March/April 2008 Pathfinder (PDF) (814KB)
"The Luck of the Irish Issue"

January/February 2008 Pathfinder (PDF) (688KB)
"Warm Up and Work Out Issue"

2007 Pathfinder Newsletter Archives

November/December 2007 Pathfinder (PDF) (450KB)
"The Abundance Issue"

September/October 2007 Pathfinder (PDF) (638KB)
"The Harvest Issue"

July/August 2007 Pathfinder (877KB)
"The Supplement Issue"

May/June 2007 Pathfinder (918KB)
"The In Full Bloom Issue"

March/April 2007 Pathfinder (949KB)
"The Cleanse and Renew Issue"

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