True North is a 501(c)(3) non-profit doing medical research. Our aim is to prove that the True North integrative approach to health care works better than conventional medicine alone, that it makes patients healthier by emphasizing preventive health care and empowers patients to be more proactive in maintaining and improving their own health. Guidelines for patient management are an option meant to assist clinicians, but are not a requirement or a substitute for clinician judgment.
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Cognitive Improvement
In response¬† to multiple online surveys identifying the activity of nootropic (smart drug) based search quaries, we’ve teamed up with one of the world’s leading cognitive health specialists to cover some of the more prominent cognitive enhancement questions. Please visit to access their curated blog for more information.

Tune Up
The Tune Up is a free monthly e-newsletter containing some of the latest research from nutrition to stress reduction to supplements to hormones, compiled by Joseph Semmes, MD.
Read the latest edition of Tune Up.

Active Research
We are using two primary research tools: the DYNHA-SF 36, a validated computer adaptive, health assessment survey, which will be used in selected research and the medical symptoms questionnaire (MSQ), used to assess patient health and progress. The MSQ is in the process of being validated as a publishable and reliable research tool. 
Read more about our active research projects.

Novel Compound Discovery
The acquisition, discovery and understanding of novel chemical structures and compounds is paramount to the world of forensic science, therapeutic medicine and molecular science in general. Although there is a plethora of objective, evidence based drug research, here at TrueNorthHealthCenter we are dedicated to compiling the most accurate information we can make available. As part of this mantra, we’ve discovered one of the most accurate and objective research chemicals resources on the net and added it to our catalogue of information.

Research on Services
Much research already exists in regard to the efficacy and outcomes-assessment of Functional Medicine. And many complementary practices have been in existence for millennia, and have innumerable anecdotal stories of success. In our modern scientific world, we have different standards by which to judge efficacy. We offer here some of the studies that have been done that explore, in a scientific way, many of the services we offer at True North. We hope that you will use these abstract summaries as a guide to your own exploration and personal research.
Read more about research on some of our complementary therapies.


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