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Words of Welcome - March 2012: Boosting your immune system during seasonal transitions
Friday March 16th, 2012
Coleen Connolly, RN, MAc
True North Pathfinder Newsletter
March 2012

As much as we look forward to the arrival of the spring season, it can be a time of health challenges as we leave winter behind. The changes we observe in nature outside our windows are affecting us as well since we too are creatures of the natural world.

After the cycle of  winter's cold, dark, less active, relatively quiet (or YIN/potential) period, the rising energy of springtime's light, warmth, returning birdsong, green stems shooting upward (or YANG/creation) is a RADICAL shift. It is at this seasonal change that we need to pay particular attention to caring for ourselves well. Whatever you already know about yourself and nature, combined with your common sense, comes into play now to maintain a healthy immune system.

For simplicity, let's turn to the four real medicines:

1) Eat good food: Real food, less and less processed food, and you know, eat your vegetables!

2) Movement/Exercise: Develop a habit of some kind of movement you like: dancing or walking, for example. Add in some stretching to increase your flexibility.

3) Rest: Not only appropriate amounts of restorative sleep at night, but also regular moments or periods of rest during the day to process, reflect and refresh.

4) Pleasure: Recall what you enjoy and arrange for MORE of that.  Conjure up your passions and your heart connections to your hobbies, friends and loved ones.

And please, remember to smile on the inside or laugh out loud every chance you get!

Coleen Connolly RN, M.Ac is a registered nurse and has a private acupuncture practice at True North.

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