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We’re glad you found us and are taking a look around. You may be asking, “Why should I come to True North for my health care?” We think there are lots of good answers to that question (see video testimonials below), but here's one important one: when we created True North, we designed a place where we ourselves would want to come for our health care.

What were we looking for? We wanted:

  • a place where we would feel welcome
  • a place we could spend time with our practitioners and have our whole story be heard
  • a place where we’d be able to get better
  • a place we would be considered partners in our own health care
  • a place where the atmosphere is calming
  • a place where our practitioners have expertise in nutrition, stress management and lifestyle change
  • a place where we could receive a wide range of services, but where each practitioner is guided by a similar philosophy
  • a place we would want to send our friends and family

For us and for many of our patients, True North is that place. Our patients say it best in their own words, so please take a look at the video clips below. We invite you to explore our services – we’d be honored to walk with you toward a healthier life.

In good health, The Practitioners and Staff at True North

Patient Testimonials

Patient, Bill H.

A Businessman Sees True North as a Logical Extension to His Work (0:22)
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Patient, Michael G.

At True North You Can Choose (0:26)
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Patient, Sara W.

Acupuncture Gave Me Back My Life (0:26)
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Patient, Elisa B.

Integrative Medicine Works "I win because I get healthier (0:31)
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Patient, Liz I.

Healing Touch Had Immediate and Specific Benefits (0:33)
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Medical Director, Bethany M. Hays, MD

True North practices comprehensive medicine (0:25)
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