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Taking Stock of the New Year
Wednesday December 24th, 2014
Deb Bergeron

As the calendar turns its page to 2015, it's a good time for us to turn inward and reflect on the year that's passed. Reflection is necessary to facilitate greater meaning, perspective, learning, and celebration. It's during reflective moments that we have greater access to our intuition and are able to dream bigger dreams. 

 Now is the time of year that I take my clients and myself through a year-end reflection ritual. This ritual is a powerful way to "move out the old" and "invite in the new." As we know, things left undone, either practical or emotional, can drain our energy. Reviewing both the highlights and low points of the year will help celebrate the growth you experienced as well as acknowledge any sadness, grief or frustration you may have faced. Also, by going through a ritual of completion, you can create the New Year with a clean slate. 

 Living a life you love doesn't happen by accident; it happens by being conscious, learning, dreaming and creating. Answering the questions below is a powerful way to honor all you've achieved and learned this year and to intentionally invite in the amazing year to come - to invite in a year you love. 

 Year-End Reflection Ritual: 

 Please take some time to slow down, put your feet up, and reflect about the year that was, in preparation for the year that will be. I have included some questions to help stimulate your thinking. The invitation is to contemplate these questions with a sense of ease and let your answers flow from your heart's knowing. 

 Make a list of all your successes, wins, breakthroughs and accomplishments in 2014.

 Most of us have a tendency to gloss over our accomplishments and take them for granted. Don't do that. Take time to honor yourself. Be specific here: write it all down -- all of your accomplishments, large and small. Schedule time to celebrate this!

Review your challenges, disappointments, failures and breakdowns.

 Write without judgment here. The purpose here is to glean lessons, not make yourself wrong.

What do you need to let go of? 

 It is so important to release the things that no longer serve you so that you can create a fresh start in 2015, bringing only with you the lessons and wisdom that you consciously choose.

What have you learned this year?

 The key is to lock in all the wisdom and goodness from 2014.

What are you grateful for?

 Make a list of all your desires for 2015 - both those things you want to achieve in the outer world and those that you long to feel inside. 

 Do you want more self- confidence, more love, a clearer sense of purpose, or greater peace of mind? Do you desire more friends, a soul mate, or a new career? If so, write it down. This is the time to list all your desires without censoring yourself. Be honest. Be bold.

Now, imagine it is December 2015. 

 Write a list of at least three breakthroughs, wins, and/or accomplishments as if they have already happened. Get as specific as you can.

Everything and anything is possible for you. Let go of any self-limiting thoughts, beliefs, and old patterns and create a 2015 that you absolutely love! The ritual above is just the beginning.

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