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Our model is based on the idea that anywhere in the country, you can find a group of like minded practitioners who want to offer health care in an integrative setting. The core elements of our model include:

  • Physicians, nurses and complementary practitioners working together under the same roof
  • Patients having time to tell his or her story
  • Patients and practitioners using their time together to develop a relationship of trust
  • Individualized treatments created based on appropriate therapies
  • Integrated health records (charts) to provide maximum access for collaboration/integration
  • We govern the organization using circle process in which leadership is shared and decisions are made using "concensus minus one"
  • An emphasis on Functional Medicine as a medical model that mirrors our integrative approach
  • Removing barriers to care (ex. insurance provider) while enhancing the doctor-patient relationship

We realize there are many costs associated with receiving health care that True North has absorbed.  In traditional medical practices and hospitals these costs are paid for with revenue from ancillary services such as MRIs, CT scans and X-rays (many of which are unnecessary but profitable for those organizations - see Overtreated by Shannon Brownlee) or by increasing productivity (which means more and shorter office visits in an effort to see more patients and to increase revenue).  At True North, we do not have “high revenue” ancillaries.  We offer services that are truly in line with the individual’s healing process, and we continue to offer ample time for patients and practitioners to develop trust – an important element in a healing relationship.  Revenue from our supplement store help support our non-profit (not practitioners) but cover only a portion of our total overhead expenses.

Not only is it important to maintain a good understanding of the global smart drug market which, at the moment, seems to be booming in a way that we've never seen before. Products such as Etizolam, Tianeptine, Adrafinil and Modafinil are seeing huge market booms. We've looked into Piracetam online, including many other product offered on the australian version of modapharma.org.

As we continue on our path to fiscal sustainability we have committed to increasing transparency of the costs associated with your health care while reducing our reliance on generous third-party funders (donations from individuals and granting organizations). For a non-profit it is tempting to rely solely on the philanthropy of donors to cover these costs but this seems unfair since we are asking patients to partner with us on their health care journey.   We feel it is appropriate to educate individuals about these costs and to reach out to those who are benefitting directly from our model and services to share the costs of practicing medicine the way we do.

For more information, contact True North at 207-781-4488.


(207) 781-4488

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Our legal name is Hygeia Foundation

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