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  • MD, Boston University School of Medicine
  • Clinical Instructor, Tufts University School of Medicine


Dr. Bill Daly is a board certified Internal Medicine Physician who earned his M.D. at Boston University School of Medicine and trained in Boston.  He practiced primary care Internal Medicine for 33 years in Andover, Massachusetts.  With experience he realized that people need more time and attention than most conventional medical practices can offer, so he switched to a concierge model for 6 years.  This time and focus with each individual allowed the collaboration for many to learn to "heal themselves" with Functional Medicine tools including nutrition and lifestyle improvement.  Dr. Daly's own health problems spurred him to delve into holistic and alternative modalities of healing.  This exploration led not only to his own good health, but also a desire to share this approach with his patients.  Patients volunteer that they feel inspired and motivated by his collaborative style.

Dr. Daly loves intellectual stimulation and has held the position of Clinical Instructor in Tufts University School of Medicine since 1990.  He also has a solid understanding of the benefits available through many Complementary and Alternative Modalities (CAM) of healing, and has served in leadership roles in the Integrative Health Collaborative and the Oriental Culture Institute Healing Research Foundation, both headquartered in Boston.  He has been practicing Functional Medicine since 2012 and continues training in that science.  His purpose is to foster the evolution and widespread availability of holistic healing, founded on collaboration among patients and practitioners.

Dr. Bill Daly has always addressed the care of the whole person - body, mind and spirit.  He focuses on patterns and trends in each individual's experience on all three levels, in order to discover the underlying cause of their dis-ease.  Sometimes a physical illness (like a stress-induced stomach ulcer) originates in the nonphysical body.  We tend to heal naturally when the root cause of the problem is remedied.

On the level of our physical body, Dr. Daly finds Functional Medicine to be a revolution in healing.  It powerfully enhances our understanding of each person's unique chemistry, which frequently enables health improvements unattainable by conventional medicine.

Dr. Daly first acknowledges conventional standards of care.  But sometimes alternative approaches are needed for some of our most devastating and "incurable" diseases such as cancer, neurologic and degenerative diseases, and chronic problems like anxiety and depression.  He commonly recommends nutritional and lifestyle improvements, which can enhance or sometimes replace conventional therapies if the individual is motivated.  He frequently prescribes meditation, counseling, herbal remedies, stress management, exercise, yoga, enlightening self-help literature and participation in groups.  When appropriate he discusses energy healing techniques such as acupuncture, Reiki, Tuina, therapeutic massage, Tong Ren healing and others. His goal is to inspire you to make everyday choices that help you heal, and show you tools that foster your growth toward an optimal state of health and happiness.

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