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Patients often ask us how we recommend making the transition from a co-pay system to a direct fee-for-service system. Given the importance of good health to all of us, we suggest budgeting for your health care just as you might for vacations, your car payment, dinners out, entertainment, or other expenses. Here’s an example of what these items cost compared to a visit with a True North physician:

Monthly Car Payment $200-$500+ per month
Family Vacation $200-$600 per day
Dinner for 2 in Portland $25-$100
Personal Data Assistant (PDA) $100-$500
Daily Latte $90 per month

Entertainment (concert tickets, big screen TV, electronics)

Anything's possible!
Physician Visit at True North $185-$250

In the long term, the best way to avoid paying lots of money for health care is to spend some today on staying healthy. Prevention in the form of caring for your body, mind and spirit goes a long way to keeping you healthy.

In addition to budgeting for your health care, be sure to seek reimbursement from your insurance company. Many True North services are reimbursable for patients whose insurance plans cover out-of-network benefits. We know from experience that it can be easy to avoid dealing with those insurance forms. Really, it is pretty easy (see Insurance Information). If you pay for health insurance we encourage you to maximize those benefits! We will do our best to help you with questions.

True North also offers the following ways that we can partner with you to help you afford our services:

Hour Exchange Portland
Hour Exchange Portland (formerly Portland Time Bank) is an innovative, alternative monetary system where members trade services with one another. True North and our practitioners have joined the Hour Exchange Portland and we accept time dollars for health care services. In order to access this system, you must first contact Hour Exchange Portland at Access is limited to Hour Exchange Portland members who meet financial guidelines, but True North offers a 10% discount on services to any Hour Exchange Portland member.

Payment Plans
Our practitioners know that changing from a co-pay system to a direct fee-for-service system can be challenging. If you need special consideration, we encourage you to contact the practitioner you wish to see and ask about creating a payment plan.

Reilly Fund
The Reilly Fund is a fund for established True North patients. Patients, in consultation with their practitioner, can apply for Reilly Fund support for a set course of treatment. Financial guidelines apply for this Fund as well.


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