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Chiropractic care is a branch of the healing arts which is based upon the understanding that wellness depends, in part, upon a normally functioning nervous system especially the spine and the nerves extending from the spine to all parts of the body. It stresses the idea that the cause of many disease processes begins with the body's inability to adapt to its environment. It looks to address these diseases not by the use of drugs and chemicals, but by locating and correcting an area of the body, which is functioning improperly.

Chiropractors utilize hands-on care to assist the body in reaching and maintaining its natural state of health. This is accomplished by affecting the body's biomechanical, neurological, and physiological systems.

Fawn R. Dunphy, DC uses a standard procedure of examination to diagnose a patient's condition and arrive at a course of treatment and uses the same time-honored methods of consultation, case history, physical examination, laboratory analysis, and x-ray examination as any other doctor. In addition, Dr. Dunphy provides a careful chiropractic structural examination, paying particular attention to the spine. While Dr. Dunphy makes no use of drugs or surgery, she does advocate referral to medical care providers when those interventions are indicated.

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