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Direct to Patient Offerings

What are Direct to Patient Offerings?
True North has hand-selected a number of lab offerings that are available DIRECTLY TO YOU about important modifiable health issues and testing options - even if you are not a True North patient or do not see a clinical practitioner at True North. We will introduce a new test every couple months or so, though all are available anytime. We also offer a FREE Info Session about each health topic covered.

Are you a True North patient?
If you are a patient of one of the clinical practitioners at True North, ask your practitioner if a particular Direct to Patient Lab Offering is appropriate for you.

Not a patient of a True North clinical provider?
No problem. Now, you do not need to be an established True North patient to request to have Direct to Patient testing done by us. All results will be reviewed by a True North physician. Results and recommendations for follow up will be provided to you. All you need to do is call to schedule your lab visit and fill out a one page form.

The Cost for each test varies; the blood draw and processing fee is $25. If you have insurance, you only pay the $25 up front for the blood draw and processing and the lab will submit to your insurance company for the remainder.

Call us at 207.781.4488 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Prices are approximate and may change at any time. Price does not include the True North Facility Fee.

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