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Shamanism is an ancient, global spiritual practice in which all of nature is understood as living, in other words, filled with spirit.

From a shamanic perspective, the spirit of any living being may be wounded or partially lost from the effects of trauma, grief, injury or disease. Humans, as a part of this living web, are affected in this same manner. The shaman's role is to work with their tutelary spirits to restore the health of their patient’s self/soul. Since our soul or spirit creates the dynamic framework for our existence, the shaman’s work can address the underlying spiritual foundations of physical, emotional, mental and psychological issues--whether of the present or the past. When a person’s spirit is once again restored to wholeness and harmony, it is possible for them to move through life on full power!

All shamanic healing work is strictly determined by the spiritual teachers that work with the shaman. This is because it is actually Spirit that has the power to heal. The shaman is simply the facilitator for the healing work--serving as a humble intermediary between this visible world and the unseen world of Spirit.

Shamanic healing has been found to be very beneficial in treating many health issues, including past or present physical, mental or emotional trauma, chronic localized pain or illness, dependency on alcohol or drugs, chronic depression as well as emotional or mental illness.

Allie and Evie practice all traditional forms of shamanic healing.In addition to this classic shamanic work, Allie & Evie have developed a unique way to access the physical body’s hidden wisdom called Shamanic Inner Body Healing ™. Shamanic Inner Body Healing ™ is an excellent way to locate and release unconscious blocks and resistances to one’s life process, as well as addressing a variety of emotional, psychological and physical symptoms.

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