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Who benefits from sales in the True North Store?
All proceeds from store sales go to support our nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. No True North practitioner receives monetary benefit from the supplements sold in the True North store. Store sales are one of the ways that we support our overhead costs.

How is the True North Store different from other health care stores?
At True North our products have been handpicked by our practitioners. We evaluated the quality management practices of over forty companies and chose only those that met our strict quality control criteria. We did this because our patients told us they felt overwhelmed by all the choices available in the marketplace. We wanted to be sure our patients could get safe and reliable supplements.

What sort of research did you do on the companies whose products you sell?
Because the supplement industry is largely unmonitored by the FDA, we looked closely at what kind of testing our supplement companies conduct on their products. We wanted to ensure that the quality and potency correspond with what is written on the labels exactly and we investigated how companies assure that their products are not rancid, contaminated with bacteria, or containing heavy metals. We look for companies that use organic or ethically wild-crafted raw materials, and that are willing to show us the tests they do at various stages of manufacturing. We then selected dosages for their efficacy in accordance with the scientific literature. We chose to carry only one brand of most items to cut down on the confusion that an overwhelming number of selections can cause. We offer a trustworthy source for potent and effective supplements.

How can I make the right choices about which supplements I need?
Because supplements are potent and not always appropriate, we encourage you to have a conversation with a health care practitioner (either at our Center or elsewhere) before buying helpful-looking products.

You can also refer to the True North Supplement Shopping Guide so you know what questions to ask no matter where you shop.

True North practitioners are trained to help you understand your health on a larger scale than you might be able to do by yourself. They can inform you of the therapeutic possibilities available to you, take into account interactions with other drugs and supplements you may already be taking, and help develop an ongoing plan for healthful living that is tailored to you.

Reminder: Nutritional supplements are potent remedies, and they work differently on different people. Please pay attention to the warnings, dosages, and contraindications printed on the labels of the products.

What if I am taking pharmaceuticals (drugs)? Is it safe to take supplements as well?
In order to determine if the supplements you are taking (or wanting to take) work safely in conjunction with any pharmaceuticals you may also be taking, please speak with your health care practitioner. In addition True North offers a Drug Supplement Interaction program. This program highlights red flags in terms of improper or potentially dangerous dosages (too much or too little of a vitamin or supplement) or known risk factors.

How can I obtain a discount at the True North Store?
We offer a 5% discount in the store to people who become True North members. (For more on how to become a member, go to Support Us.) Over the course of a year, this discount could save you a lot of money!

Can I shop at the True North Store even if I am not a patient?
Absolutely! You do not have to be a True North patient to
buy supplements in our retail store, though some
supplements do require you to have a practitioner
recommendation. We also offer products such as books, music and other items in our retail store. Please come visit us on Route One in Falmouth. Visit our online store to shop for many of the supplements we carry.


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