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Family Medicine

Family Medicine at True North embraces a holistic approach. Our practitioners believe that an individual’s family and social network, cultural and spiritual practices, stressors, genetics, and environmental exposures all contribute to one’s state of health. Our physicians’ ability to use both traditional vs. non-traditional resources to meet patients’ needs one of the things that makes True North unique.

Our Family Medicine physicians welcome newborns, children, adolescents, and adults of all ages into their practice. Their services include:

  • Annual, preventive, comprehensive exams and screening tests
  • Newborn and pediatric care (including immunizations, acute care visits and well child check-ups)
  • Same day appointments for acute illness or injury
  • Treatment of chronic illness including hypertension, diabetes, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel and thyroid disorders, including coordinated referral to specialists when appropriate.
  • Treatment of depression and anxiety
  • Consultations for specific concerns

In addition to these services, Charles deSieyes, MD offers simple office dermatologic surgery, including cryosurgery, lesion biopsy, and mole removal.

If you are a patient that receives Medicaid or Medicare services, special restrictions may apply. Please call True North at 207-781-4488 or click here for more information.

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