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True North’s mental health professionals use many different approaches when working with patients and are guided by the needs, goals, and unique situations of each person. The interests of the patient determine which therapeutic tools are used and sessions may be traditionally focused on exploration through talk and skills development, or use other approaches such as energy healing, breath and sound, or mindfulness.

The goal of our practitioners is to work with patients to help them develop a skill set that includes empowerment, clarity, wholeness, self-awareness, self-understanding, and self-love so that they become their own best healers.

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Social Work
Transformative Mental Health, Substance Abuse Counseling

Our psychiatrist (Miles Simmons, MD) assists people with medication, if warranted, and is skilled at the appropriate use of nutritional supplements. He is also trained in Functional Medicine, a science-based practice that emphasizes the interconnections of physical and biochemical processes in the body, and how they interact with the environment to create disease or health.

Social Work
Social work practice includes working with individuals, while considering the interactive effects exerted upon them by their social, educational, and economic environments. By exploring the “whole” picture, we begin to understand the states of our minds, our well-being, and our overall connectedness. We can then use various tools to strengthen, nourish and empower the “self,” in order to heal from excesses and forces beyond our control. Our Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Judie Mignogna, MSW, LCSW) utilizes a combination of modalities and tools. This may include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, relaxation and anger management techniques, positive reframing and self-affirmations, behavior modification techniques, methods to process grief, loss, and increase self-esteem, group work and risk assessment. Judie helps parents identify and work with challenges they face with their children, who might be presenting unusual symptoms or patterns of communication.

If you are a patient that receives Medicaid or Medicare services, special restrictions may apply. Please call True North at 207-781- 4488 or click here for more information.

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